I’m a taiko drummer, born between France and Japan. I sing, I dance, I act and I drum. I started taiko growing up in Tokyo and playing for seasonal festivals of Nezu Shrine. When I moved to Montréal in Québec to study Earth sciences, I also became a member of the city’s resident taiko group – Arashi Daiko. I performed with them until 2009, before meeting Taikonauts – a group with Ignatius Kim and Gregorio Rabuñal (Amanojaku). I then founded 2taiko – a duo with Alison Roe.

A lifelong student of Hiroshi Motofuji (pioneer of rock taiko) and trained at the Oedo Sukeroku taiko school, I’m also inspired by Kurumaya Masaaki (Fukui), Chieko Kojima (Hana-hachijo) and Shogo Yoshii (Hachijo and much more). Lately I’m immersing and collaborating with dance, theatre, films and experimental music.

Now living between Europe and Tokyo (back in Europe until the autumn…), the journey continues… 



Photo credits: Anna Steffan @anna.photographyjp